Ghost Farmer

ghost-farmer-8103Light painting: ISO 100, 18mm, f/3.5, 15 sec

Here’s how to create your own ghost images:

  1. First you need a darkish night, a tripod, a camera with a manual mode for long exposures, a good, bright flashlight and optionally a remote trigger. For the flashlight, you’ll want something like one of the Cree LED flashlights with a momentary switch. The one I used was like 200 lumen.
  2. Frame the shot with the camera and tripod.
  3. Camera settings
    1. Set the camera to manual mode and disable the flash and autofocus.
    2. Set the ISO at the lowest setting, like ISO 100, so that it doesn’t over expose.
    3. Set the focus. I will sometimes take a test shot with the camera on automatic using the built-in flash so the camera uses the autofocus, then turn off the flash and autofocus and you’re set.
    4. Use a long enough exposure to accomplish what you need to the next steps, like 15-30 seconds. You can go longer using the bulb mode, but you’ll want to have a remote release so you don’t have to hold the shutter button down with your finger, which can cause the camera to jiggle.
  4. Click the shutter release.
  5. Paint everything you want to show up in the photo with the flashlight. The longer you shine your flashlight the brighter objects will show up in the photo.
  6. Turn off the flashlight.
  7. Have someone get in the picture.
  8. Have them hold very still while you “paint” them very lightly and then turn off your flashlight.
  9. The shutter will close and you’re done.

If you did everything right, your “ghost” will look transparent compared to the rest of the image.

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