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Bumble Bee

Bumble Bee 1Bumble Bee 2Bumble Bee 3

Turkey Vulture

I saw this bird circling above Wollersheim Winery on Friday. At first I thought it was an eagle, but turns out it was a turkey vulture. The ugly red head is the giveaway.

Turkey Vulture 1Turkey Vulture 2Turkey Vulture 3Edit 11-28-2012: I learned about defringing in Lightroom so I was able to fix the purple wings. See new versions below.

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At the Dane County Fair

Fair WaveHi!

We took Andrew to the Dane County Fair. I thought it would be fun to get some pictures of him with the animals at the kiddy farm, but none of them turned out that great. He’s a little to young to get good interactions on demand…

Andrew at the Fair

Andrew at the Fair

I did get some fun ones of him with the fair and rides in the back ground. Mmm… bokeh…

Fair Smile


We met up with a Camera Company outing and the Naglers. The idea of the outing was to take pictures of the rides. It seemed like fun, but I just wasn’t really into it, and most of the shots I got of the rides weren’t that great. I did get this one though of all the people trying to get a shot of the Ferris wheel.

Camera Fair

Get your Ferris wheel shot here! Don't push and shove there's room for all!