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Cigar Bob - Color

Cigar Bob - Color

Cigar Bob - Black and White

Cigar Bob - Black and White

Cigar Bob - Old Timey

Cigar Bob - Old Timey


A lot of photos don’t turn out. They have various technical problems like focus, exposure, etc. However every once in a while you get one that is technically bad, but it still works. Here is an example:


I don’t think any part of the flower is in focus, it was probably inside the minimum focal distance for the lens (I don’t have a macro lens), and some parts also look over exposed, but I still really like how it turned out. The colors are so vivid, it kinda screams at you. It almost has a painted quality to it. For some reason, it just seems to work. I’m currently using it as a desktop background.

Or it’s just a bad photo that I’m rationalizing into a good photo. 😉

Syttende Mai



iPhone HDR

The iPhone HDR camera feature has it’s uses. Here is a prime example:
















The HDR version is clearly much better, just don’t look too closely, it’s still an iPhone camera.

Leveled up!

This morning I rode the exercise bike on the 20 minute, 5 mile program that I’ve been doing, but when it was done I wasn’t ready to be done. So I rode another 2.5 miles! Tomorrow I will move up to the 30 minute weight loss program level 2 and we’ll see how it goes…

Photo Challenge: Connecting

I entered a photo challenge on dpreview.com. The challenge is:

Enter images which show people forming some of bond or connection. It can be as simple as a couple holding hands or a parent playing with a child, or more involved such as a group meeting or sports fans cheering their team. The important thing is to show a strong connection or bond between the subjects.

John Deere Baby!

3-month old Andrew learning about tractors from his Papa.

The voting starts on Sunday. You can vote for Andrew here.

How can a baby that cute not win?